Jordão Souza

Jordao Souza has a lifelong relationship with Amazon. Born in Rio de Janeiro in a family who has strong ties with different tribes in Amazon. Jordao first made contact with Yawanawa in 2009. Since then he has immersed himself in Yawanawa culture, art, music, studying Yawanawa medicinal plant knowledge and spirituality with the tribe’s elders. Jordao was the last student initiated by Paje Tata (before his passing in December 2016 at the age of 103.) His primary passion is to facilitate journeys to Mutum village for people around the world, believing deeply in his duty to extend the transformative opportunity he received and to pass the knowledge. 

Jordao worked for international organizations as a liaison for the Yawanawa tribe. He is responsible for preparing feasibility studies for projects proposed by the Indigenous Advisory Committee, and assisting in the implementation of approved projects, such as the Traditioinal School of Mutum and Nipei; Garden of Medicines.