Angelique Watson

In 2013 Angelique Marie participated in her first journey to visit the Yawanawá Village in the Brazilian Amazon Region of Acre.  After this trip she knew she held a life-long mission with these indigenous people. 

Over the past 6 years she has worked directly with Jordão Souza and Kenewma Luiza Yawanawá as an ambassador and liaison for the Yawanawá Village of Mutum.  She was given the Yawanawá name Txivã by Kenewma’s father, one of the main Yawanawá Chiefs. 

Txivã has since moved to Brazil and currently works for Ni’yushin.  A Brazilian Organization that develops projects to support the Amazon Rainforest and its inhabitants. Within this company she organizes journeys to the Yawanawá Villlage of Mutum,  helps to fundraise for various projects and the necessities which arise. Txivã also helps to plan, create and implement projects within the Yawanawá to ensure the continuation and protection of their humble, simple and beautiful way of life.