About the Fund

Environmental Protection

Protect rainforest from deforestation by creating sustainable and defendable business for the Yawanawa tribe.


Educate the world on medicinal value of unpublished plants and
herbs of the Amazon and guarantee the continuation of such a precious knowledge throughout the generations, educate the Yawanawa people with access to the internet,
classes, free degrees, online communities to share ideas.

Economic Oppurtunity

New business model for Yawanawa people to raise money to grow their clinics, new approach to healthcare (medicinal gardens), help others, protect their culture, with possibility for export, protect the forest. Once the indigenous communities, that holds huge pieces of land, develop a sustainable economic model, their reserves are more likely to stay defended from the attacks of illegal loggers and ranchers.

Women (inclusion)

The fund will be used to support the creation of medical clinics allowing for Indigenous midwives to teach, preserve and spread their precious and unique knowledge and their ancestry legacy.