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We are forming a new alliance of global citizens committed to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and Indigenous knowledge through direct collaboration and partnership with the Yawanawa tribe and other groups in Brazil.

About the yawanawa

Stewards of the Amazon Rainforest, protecting and preserving its ecosystems and natural medicines

Yawanawá means “People of the Wild Boar,” and according to traditional stories, their history dates back 10,000 years, inhabiting in the same region of the Brazilian Amazon for millenia.
In the late 19th century, the first contact with western society was made. Rubber planters invaded, claimed to own the land, and enslaved the people. This initial contact introduced diseases the Yawanawá had no immunity to, in addition to substances that caused diseases the Yawanawá Pajés were unfamiliar with and couldn’t cure. Nearly 90% of the population was lost and for generations, the Yawanawá have struggled to keep their identity and community intact.
Today there are approximately 800 Yawanawá living in 8 Villages along the Rio Gregório.

Our Team

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Samantha Seabrook



Samantha Seabrook

Samantha Seabrook joined AMAZONIA911 in May 2020. She was part of the first Encontro Das Mulheres (Women’s Encounter) with the Yawanawa in Mutum, Brazil, and has continued her studies with the Yawanawa teachings since her return to Canada.

Samantha is a Toronto-based employment lawyer and founder of Seabrook Workplace Law, a boutique employment law firm. Samantha is involved with other charitable and not-for-profit organizations. She is the vice-chair of Alternatives East York Community Mental Health Clinic, co-founder of Hyperborea Experiential Arts Team (HEAT), and a former volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada.

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How It Began


A reunion of those who had visited the Yawanawa prior to 2019 (and some who had not!) makes way for a fundraising idea.

February 2019

Mutum Village, Brazil

A group of women travel to the Yawanawa tribal village of Mutum in the remote Brazilian rainforest. Their journey is healing and inspiring—Joanna starts a Facebook fundraiser when she returns and raises over $5,000 for the village!

July 2019

Vancouver, Canada

We invited Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza, one of the foremost English speaking authorities on the psycho-spiritual work of Amazonian communities, and several of the women from the 1st Women’s retreat in Mutum, to speak at our first fundraising event about the Yawanawa, raising awareness about their story in the Amazon.

August 2019

Toronto, Canada

Several of the women who went on the retreat decide to host a second event in Toronto, also featuring Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza, amplifying the cause for preservation of life further!

September 2019


The travel emergency stemming from the global pandemic strands a youth group of Yawanawa. We raised the funds to help get them back home. It’s decided we must keep fundraising! We begin forming a new alliance of volunteers and partners.

March 2020

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We are a grassroots network of global citizens moving forward Indigenous-led solutions

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